2022 Rite of Election: ‘I realise now that I was lost’

(From left) Penelope with her sponsor Becky Langworthy

During the Rite of Election ceremonies on March 6, the Catholic Voice spoke with a number of this years participants who revealed what had led them towards receiving the sacraments of initiation (Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation) at Easter. Here is Penelope’s story.

Penelope Carson, was baptised a Catholic as a baby but grew up as a Seventh Day Adventist.   

‘When it comes to horror stories about the Catholic Church – I’ve heard it all,” she said. “I grew up not knowing the truth, which made for a very confusing relationship with God.”  

From there, Penelope found herself in Torah Observance, following the Tanakh (Old Testament) and thereby living a life believed to be more closely resembling that of the first-century followers of Yeshua. 

“Finding out about them and living similarly to the first Christians was appealing to me,” Penelope said. “In reflection, I realise now that I was lost and nearly gave up entirely on my faith.  

“Around this time, I stumbled across the early writings of the Church Fathers. I read letters from Ignatius of Antioch and Irenaeus of Lyons and realised that the Catholic Church is the true historical church. It’s been a long journey – one which I’ve fought against every step of the way. I can’t believe that I’m joining the Catholic Church, but here I am, and I’m going to do it.” 

When asked what her family thought about her joining the Catholic Church, she paused and smiled wryly before saying: “Well, my mother still loves me.”  

“My parents are still searching and I think sadly they have given up. But they are challenged by what I am doing.” 

  • May thanks to Lesley, Adam, David and Penelope for sharing their stories with the Catholic Voice. Please continue to pray for all our 2022 catechumens and candidates as they continue their journey to Easter.


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