Synodality: a process of dealing with wicked problems

- 9 March 2022 0

In an earlier piece, I indicated that some of the challenges facing the Church today can be thought of as wicked problems – highly complex ... Read More

The Synodal Path

- 17 February 2022 0

In describing the idea of synodality I have commented that it is much more like the Camino than an airplane journey. The Camino is a ... Read More

Synodality in Action

- 17 February 2022 0

Plenary Council Australia, First Assembly ( In March 2020 Pope Francis announced that the theme for the 2023 Synod of Bishops would be: “for a ... Read More

A Synodal People

- 17 February 2022 1

Bishop Shane Mackinlay observed that “learning to be synodal is different to learning to be democratic.” This echoes Pope Francis’ contrast between synodal processes and ... Read More

Assembly over: where to from here?

- 18 October 2021 3

A plenary council is a relatively unusual event, so it is not surprising that for many there is considerable curiosity about what happens now. Surely, ... Read More

Plenary Reflections #5: Sally FitzGerald

- 15 October 2021 2

 I was one of seven Aboriginal members and one of three Councillors from NATSICC. The Opening Mass in Perth was a particularly powerful expression of ... Read More

Plenary reflections #4: Brigid Cooney

- 14 October 2021 2

After a week of online sessions and live-streamed Masses, Archbishop Costelloe, the Council’s president, adjourned the Council’s first assembly and summoned its 278 members to ... Read More