The glitz, the glamour… the graduation formals

Catholic Voice- 10 December 2018 0

The Year 12 students of the Archdiocese have put away their books, frocked up and suited up, and assembled for their final school functions. Read More

Redress scheme to be adopted quickly with a staggered start

Catholic Voice- 10 December 2018 0

A statement released by the ACBC on Friday said Catholic archdioceses, dioceses and eparchies will enter the redress scheme as quickly as possible. Read More

Scottish mall refuses nativity scene in Christmas display 

Catholic Voice- 10 December 2018 0

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND: Catholics and Protestants in Scotland are united in their disappointment at a shopping center that blocked a nativity scene. Read More

Church rallies to support Queensland bush fire victims

- 10 December 2018 0

Queensland’s devastating bushfires have seen Catholic communities throughout the Rockhampton Diocese scramble to assist one another. Read More