Saints Peter and Paul (old cathedral), Goulburn 150 year Anniversary

- 1 December 2022 0

The time has finally arrived for the opening of the extensively restored and beloved “Old Cathedral” of Goulburn, as it is affectionately called.  Also for ... Read More

Large congregation honours historic reopening of Sts Peter and Paul’s in Goulburn

- 30 November 2022 3

Parish priest Fr Joshy Kurien addresses the congregation at the re-opening Mass at Sts Peter and Paul's Church in Goulburn “The time has finally arrived,” ... Read More

Write It Down

- 26 November 2022 0

It just takes a few moments. The experts say that if you ‘write it down,’ you will remember it. Advent has begun. The word means ... Read More

News in Brief

Catholic Voice- 24 November 2022 0

Dr Damian Spruce and Kioa DEclaration leaders presenting Twin Clouds report to new Australian Ambassador for Climate Change, Kristin Tilley. Photo Caritas Australia Climate change ... Read More

Canberrans stand in solidarity with Christianity’s modern-day martyrs

- 24 November 2022 0

Joining Christians worldwide commemorating Red Wednesday, St. Christophers Cathedral in Canberra was bathed in red light, witnessing to the thousands of martyrs who have losted ... Read More

Founding MGL Moderator steps down after 36 years

Catholic Voice- 24 November 2022 4

From Left: Fr Stephen Fletcher and Fr Ken Barker The Missionaries of God's Love (MGL) priests and brothers announced the election of Fr Stephen Fletcher, ... Read More