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  • Jeff Smart 4 months

    How blessed we were to have had Fr Francis as our Shepherd in our Archdiocese.

  • Han de Grave 4 months

    Fr Francis greetings I like your way of explaining the situation of the Catholic church’s dilema and do not see any way out.
    As you explained our ‘free range chicken’ streak in us (especially me) I have moved on to a Pentecostal church here in Moruya, Pauline however is still Catholic and goes to mass there when she can again.
    Just that I met in you a man of Christ and I relished the time we shared. God bless, Han.

  • Colleen reed 4 months

    Such a wise and honest person who reaches out to others. We were so blessed having Fr Francis in Canberra for so long. So pleased to read your wise reporting. Thankyou

  • Narelle Mullins 3 months

    You have been a wonderful friend in good times and in tough times.You always seem to operate from the heart rather than power.A truly wise man of God!