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  • Geoffrey 3 years

    Please pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance to the faithful to offer more innovative help
    to our Deaf/HOH Catholics who could really benefit from closecaptioned online Mass
    a return by Government to use of the wonderful CAPTEL phones so the Deaf/HOH can also use the phone trees others now appreciate. Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful !

  • Anne Rosewarne 3 years

    I too am just so appreciative of the online daily Mass. I can start my day keeping close to God and praying for all our needs, family, friends, parishioners, those in need, and for those who might have the CV, Also praying for all who have died. God is with us and we will get through this together, God Bless.

  • Gerard Lillicrap 3 years

    Perhaps if we put the differences aside, we could come together as a local, geographical faith community rather than a sect community. Father Richards innovation is a good one. Let’s expand it to include all faiths.

  • Pat Doyle 3 years

    So fantastic what the clergy are doing for us all. We are so blessed amid all this to have such wonderful pastoral care . Thank you