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  • Susanna 5 months

    How can we protest against this injustice ?

  • Ann Costelloe 5 months

    This is absolutely disgraceful behaviour.  Have we entered a communist state under ACT Labor?  Calvary is an excellent hospital with great staff as opposed to the mess at Canberra Hospital at Woden.  Why has there been no community consultation with members of the public  in this area.

    My partner and a good friend have had extremely bad experiences at Woden, but have had excellent care at Calvary.  I hope they will have to prove that they can substantially lift their game if this is to go ahead.  What gives ACT Labour the right to take such an important decision without consultation with local patients and their families.  There has been no opportunity for the public to have their say.  I thought we still lived in a democracy.  Please allow those who live near this hospital and those who work there to have a say

  • Maree O'Brien 5 months

    Finally ACT Government and especially the Health Minister is reacting to feedback from many who have been to Calvary over many years. It will be of great benefit to all who access a northside facility to have coordinated care across both hospitals. That can only be achieved by this takeover.
    Good Christian Catholics need to
    act in good faith not demonise those who do.

    • Henri Edgar 5 months

      “Why do you need coordinated care across both hospitals”. If they can’t manage one hospital how would they manage two? Are you just speaking because you do not like religion or did you have a bad experience with Calvary hospital? The reason for my questions is because your “coordination” point is of no value, professionally speaking. Keep an open mind and do not stick blindly to ideology.

  • Frank Res 5 months

    I thought we lived in a democratic country – not China! I certainly don’t want Calvary to be ACT Government. I recently had 10 weeks at the Canberra Hospital and am lucky to be alive as the hospital staff caused me to have another two operations because of their mistakes and incompetence. The Canberra Hospital is the worst hospital in Australia. Canberra residents deserve a choice.

    • Melissa 5 months

      Ann and Frank – you are not alone. I strongly encourage you to speak to the ACT Human Rights Commission and list what happened. Don’t stay silent. They are relying on people being too intimidated to speak up. SPEAK UP.

      I have two different neighbours in tears at the moment telling me what happened to them at the Canberra Hospital. When I first moved to Canberra someone told me, “If in pain. Get on a plane.” I thought, “That can’t be true.” Sadly, I wish I had listened to them. For me, my nearest hospital is 3+ hours away not 15 minutes from my house. I may as well live in Condoblin or Orange. Remember the warning, “If in pain. Get on a plane.” My treatment has been horrific and criminal. Yes, criminal what happened to me.

  • Grahame 5 months

    this action must be withdrawn today. If they fail massive social action be taken immediately against the ACT government. Also the FEDERAL government must take action o they will have action taken against them too.
    you are taking action against a religious group so we pray for special action to come to the ACT government

  • Donna Black 5 months

    What we need in Canberra, is help. to fund a fully functioning hospital here. All my children were born in Calvary caring hospitals – I survived a brain stem stroke because my husband got me to Calvary Hospital. After 9 months of tragic care, it was Calvary who helped my husband – to late to save him. But if we don’t have calvary we do not have a fully functioning hospital. That is what we need. Please find a way to give that to Canberra. I will never go to the alternate we have here – I do not trust them, Please somewhere we can rely on to give us hope to be able to live – because most of us do not feel if we lose Calvary hospital we will not have that – for operations birthing or any health function. We rely on you for life.