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  • Judy Blundell 2 years

    Good on you Fr Tony. Some of the Covid protocols are illogical and ridiculous. No doubt the atheistic ACT government sees it as an opportunity to put the boot in to Christians who oppose their often immoral behaviours.

  • Prakash Rebello 2 years

    How quickly the state agencies and media attack the churches instead of taking everyone into confidence. The authorities need our prayers so that they make the right decisions for all of us. Thank you Fr Tony for writing to the Govt. Hope better sense prevails and we get a chance to spend some time in the church 🙏

  • Melda 2 years

    It is ridiculous that a church designed to accommodate 400 isn’t allowed to have 10 or twenty people attended.

  • Luis 2 years

    Even though the ‘anti-social distancing’ argument of itself should carry the day, if this argument were framed as a cross-cultural or multicultural issue, it might have more success.

    I managed to have prayer included as a ‘strategy’ to ‘promote psychological wellbeing’ related to Covid-testing (together with yoga, mindfullness, magazines and puzzles!!)included in Govt publicity on this basis.