ACT’s passed Euthanasia (VAD) Bill based on ‘mistaken compassion’ says Archbishop Prowse

The Voluntary Assisted Dying bill was passed through Canberra’s Legislative Assembly on Wednesday, marking a significant shift in the territory’s healthcare landscape.

With the bill’s passing, advocates celebrated a long-fought victory, while opponents raised concerns about the potential impact on vulnerable individuals.

Archbishop Christopher Prowse Catholic Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, said in his statement that the legislation was based on “mistaken compassion.”

“The legislation in the A.C.T. Assembly has been based on a mistaken compassion. Compassion/love never kills but stays alongside the terminally ill sufferer. By closeness and tenderness, we accompany those who struggle with their finiteness and care for them,” he said.

“The ascendancy of narratives based on euthanasia generates despair and a complete lack of genuine hope and accompaniment of our beloved dying.

“Genuine palliative care is the best and most compassionate response to the dying. It is to be uppermost in our considerations. It is to be better resourced and widely available, especially for those in rural areas.

Labor backbencher Marisa Paterson proposed an amendment allowing patients to pre-appoint a Power of Attorney to access the scheme. Due to its late addition, the amendment was not included in the final bill, but a Notice of Motion to support the amendment is set for Thursday.

Archbishop Christopher Prowse called this extension to the Bill a “most troubling development. ”

“It crosses the line of legislation aimed at the terminally ill and is unambiguously aimed, as a form of State-sanctioned suicide, at those who are not terminally ill.”

The ACT’s scheme will become available from November 3, 2025.




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  • Michael Kennedy 1 month

    It’s a sad day for aust / act . It  does provide an opportunity to develop a  palliative care service second to none and standing together . Let’s make  the Catholic / Christian faith shining bright  .
    Ask Australia for help.  

    ! Making life relative further .The people / community passified in supporting each other . Fear reigning triumphant .. little is deemed absolute . A paradox resulting in its effect , as you have stated .

    Note Victoria’s potential bankrupt state due to its inadequate levels of thought extending broadly . .