Ambassador leaving with fond memories of St Christopher’s

Archbishop Prowse recently had the chance to catch up with Mina Calaguian-Cruz, Philippine Ambassador to Australia, and her husband Luis Cruz, a retired diplomat himself, ahead of their departure back home at the end of Ambassador Calaguian-Cruz’s term in that position.

Ambassador Calaguian-Cruz, a devout Catholic, has been an active parishioner of St Christopher’s during her stay here and said she would miss Australia, and the parish, greatly.

 “Two and half years is short. But I would say it’s been a very fulfilling time for us in many aspects,” Mrs Calaguian-Cruz told Archbishop Prowse.

“Our spiritual life in Australia has been further enriched, having been part of the parishioners here in St Christopher’s.

“Australia has been so welcoming… as your church, particularly your parish, has been very welcoming and that has been the word I have been receiving from many Filipinos. They felt very welcome. And the beauty about this is, with a huge community, we are able to do our share, being a constructive part of multicultural Australia.”

Ambassador Calaguian-Cruz and Mr Cruz will be returning to the Philippines and said they’d love to see more Australians visit their country and see how they live out their faith there.

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