Another Level

The back-end of the Acts of the Apostles is ‘no place for the fainthearted,’ is it now?

Paul, besieged from every side, cleverly employs all his nous in ‘fighting the good fight.’

But, as we know, the ‘flood waters’ often prevail and we have to move to a different modus operandi.

Paul does just that, egged on by an angelic dream:

The Lord appeared to Paul and said, ‘Courage! You have borne witness for me in Jerusalem, now you must do the same in Rome.

Paul has gone to another level. With God’s grace, so can we.


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  • Paul Star 3 years

    I have just heard Fr Michels (from Quebec) youtube on angels and devils and read “that which awaits us” a Divine Will publication and can’t believe that there is so much to heaven and that angels can offer us a kaleidoscope in the name of God. It’s a pity that we don’t inform Christians that there is an invisible world out there that is far more fruitful than our own mortal world on earth.