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  • Colliss Parrett 4 years

    I am a daily Mass goer at St Christophers, Canberra during the week, and St Peter Chanel on Sundays. I am a reader and an EMHC. I have served with Foreign Affairs and Dept. of Immigration in the Middle East (Egypt, Jordan & Palestine) Greece, The UK (London) twice and also Mauritius, before being promoted to C/W Health, Canberra. In Health I helped introduce the ban on cigarette advertising on television (September 1976), instigated the ban on smoking in aircraft in Australian airspace, and in Commonwealth public service buildings, and I also helped negotiate the introduction of low alcohol beer.

    As I can’t easily determine which Writing and Discernment Group would be appropriate for my 35 years experience in assessing and identifying the drug policy which very largely accords with the position of Pope Francis and the relevant Vatican dicastery, could someone kindly tell me under which group heading I should consider placing my name ? Thank you in anticipation.

    Director(R’td) Drugs of Dependence (C/W Health)
    Fellow, Drug Free Australia
    Member(Australia)Drug Watch International
    Member Drug Advisory Council Australia
    Member, Dalgarno Institute