Archdiocesan Governance Committee

St Christophers Cathedral Manuka

Previously Catholic Voice described the Archdiocesan Governance Committee whose background is as follows.

In 2017, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse delivered its final report. Subsequently in 2019, the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference, ACBC, commissioned a review of governance in the Catholic Church in Australia. The resultant ACBC-commissioned report in 2020 was titled Light from the Southern Cross: Co-Responsible Governance in the Catholic Church in Australia.

The Archbishop formed the Governance Committee to address implementation of Light from the Southern Cross in the Archdiocese. During its most recent meeting in May, the Committee agreed on a document to better inform Canberra-Goulburn Catholics about the Archdiocese’s role. The document asked and answered questions such as:

  • Who we are;
  • What we do and why; and
  • How we are governed.

Consistent with the ACBC-commissioned report, the document addresses the theme of co-responsible governance within the context of canon and civil law, within which the Archdiocese functions. The document explains relevant canon and civil law in lay terms with the goal of promoting understanding of the role of the clergy and laity.

Its preparation is part of the Archdiocesan preparation for the Church’s Plenary Council later this year. The Archdiocese will release the document later this month.


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  • Jeff Bradley 3 years

    The article on Archdiocesen Governance Committee tells us nothing. Who are the members?

  • Joseph Quigley 3 years

    I guess most of us, without knowing the details of Civil Law, try to live law abiding lives. Within our Catholic Church most of us trust we are following Canon Law in going about our religious duties in as much as they have been promulgated among us. It will be interesting to learn which parts of Canon Law I ought to be more aware of.

  • John Donnelly 3 years

    Yes! Who are they? Monsignor John Woods and Fr. Richard Thomson are outstanding community leaders and fascinating to listen to their sermons. Are they involved? The Archdiocese is not a democracy but does it seek and listen to community opinions, especially about its leading clergy? I don’t recall another time when parishioners were invited to express their views/concerns.