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  • Beth Gibson 3 years

    Fascinating that this report from CNA chooses not to mention the thousands of Catholics in the US and around the world who have welcomed the results of the election! Anybody would think that abortion is the only issue on which Catholics have a strong position. What about other social justice and life issues such as refugees, care for our common home, care for people on the margins, income to sustain individuals and families with dignity, healing, hope for a more  just world etc. I trust the Daily Voice will also print reactions from Catholics who have those concerns and who have been relieved to witness the election of Joe Biden. Not because he is a Catholic, but because he presents as a more decent human being than the current incumbent. 

    • Andrew Phelan 3 years

      I agree entirely, Beth.  And to your list should be added the life-affirming actions of Biden when, as Vice President, he championed the provision of affordable health care to Americans needing it most, which Trump and his party have since sought to wind back or stop. 

    • Monica Phelan 3 years

      Well said Beth. Thank you !

  • Jaki Kane 3 years

    Biden’s victory speech was outstanding. Finally the U.S. has a leader who speaks of decency, fairness and healing, after the lies and division promoted by Trump. And how wonderful that Biden is committed to caring for the planet and healing racial division. I would hope that the U.S. Bishops will give him their support, as I am proud to share my Catholic faith with this leader. 

  • Paul T Monagle 3 years

    This article is divisive. If we want to know about the US election we can choose the left ABC or the right Sky/Australian. Lets not get a lot of CG Catholics dividing over this.

  • Louise Garrett 3 years

    I also agree with Beth, thank you for  putting the thoughts of many  into such clear words.Let us pray for healing and truth in the USA. Louise Garrett