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  • Gavin O'Brien 3 years

    It is very pleasing to hear of Bishop Edward’s appointment.It has indeed been a long time coming and that is not good for the spiritual well being of Diocese affected One would hope that in future such decisions are made more quickly by the Vatican and involve the clergy and laity of the Diocese in the selection of their chief Pastor.

  • Rosemary Fairney 3 years

    Congratulations to Bishop Mark Edwards, 
    I have met him a few times,and he visited us in our home,and was most impressed, by his humility, great encouraging nature, and such holiness.
    Such a clever and well educated Bishop, and wonderful way with people.
    Wagga Wagga is Blessed to receive him, and our loss in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.
    May God continue to Bless him , making him the good shepherd that he is

  • Gabrielle Wright 3 years

    I was very pleased to hear that my home town, Wagga Wagga, has a bishop at last. Four years is a long time to be without one. During my 20 years in Wagga I was privileged to have Bishop Henschke guiding us and I have never forgotten him. I wish Bishop Edwards a graced time in Wagga.