BUSHFIRE VIDEO UPDATE: Celebrating the “Genius of the parish system”

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  • Robert Falzon 4 years

    Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!! Thankyou

  • Fr Joseph Tran 4 years

    It is very inspiring father Tony with your thoughts and ideas to reach  out to our people at the time of heartfelt loss and pain. My local people of Cobargo-Bermagui and Narooma are very touched and moved by your care and financial support from our whole archdiocese family and beyond.
    “ we thank our God each time we think of you, and when we pray for you we pray with joy “.
    God bless you 
    Joseph Tran

  • Martin 4 years

    Congratulations dear James. God bless 

  • Brenden Walters 4 years

    The genius of the parish system does have a downside – no financial accountability. This is a current issue in the US. Some would say if you can’t trust the priest/bishop, who can you trust. I think we all know the answer to that now. There is a call in some quarters for the church to publish financial records. I’m wondering how that would be done accurately without the issue of receipts.

  • Alicja 4 years

    Act of Entrustment of the Home and the Country to Mary Help of Christians!

    Most Holy Virgin Mary, appointed by God to be the Help of Christians,
    we choose you as the Mother and protector of our home and our country.
    We ask you to favor us with your powerful protection.
    Preserve our home and our country from every danger:
    from fire, flood, lightning, storm, earthquake, thieves, vandals, and from every other danger.
    Bless us. Protect us. Defend us.
    Keep as your own all the people who dwell in this home.
    Protect them from all accidents and misfortunes,
    but above all obtain for them the most important grace of avoiding sin.
    Mary Help of Christians, pray for all those who live in this home,
    which is entrusted to you for all time. Amen.