Plenary Council: Links Between Evangelisation And Culture

- 9 October 2021 0

Blessed John Paul II encouraged Australia's first people in his landmark speech in Alice Springs in 1986 This is the text of a Plenary intervention ... Read More

Hopes at the dawn of the Plenary Council First Assembly

- 27 September 2021 0

Proposing the Gospel with an Australian face for our time The long anticipated First Assembly of the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia is almost here. ... Read More

Pastoral Letter: Human beings need humanity not Euthanasia

- 10 August 2021 1

In the midst of our Covid 19 woes, we are looking for anything that breathes hope and new life into our fearful world. Yet, in ... Read More

Australian Capital Territory euthanasia legislation

- 21 July 2021 1

Recently, there has been growing public comment regarding the Australian Capital Territory’s ability to make its own laws on euthanasia. If this comes about, it ... Read More

An integral meaning to marriage and family life

- 29 June 2021 1

One of my favourite works of religious art is the Apse Mosaic in St Clement’s Basilica, Rome. It is simply awe-inspiring! The Church was completed ... Read More

Easter hope in uncertain times

- 1 April 2021 0

This time last year all the Churches of the Archdiocese were closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Now, thanks be to God, the Churches are ... Read More

Archbishop Christopher’s 2020 Christmas Message

- 15 December 2020 2 Bethlehem hope; snapshots of 2020/21 Hope is one of our fundamental three theological virtues – Faith, HOPE and love. This means it is God’s ... Read More