Not just giving up things

- 25 January 2021 0

No social media. No sweets or alcohol. No television. These are a few of the things that men across the world are sacrificing for Exodus ... Read More

Exploring faith can be fun

- 21 January 2021 0

A faith initiative is being piloted in a number of parishes across the Archdiocese to help young people explore life and faith in a fun ... Read More

New fleet of teachers ready to set sail

- 21 January 2021 1

Keegan Murphy and Madeleine McMillen As a new school year approaches, a new fleet of first-year teachers is getting ready to set sail. Forty-three new ... Read More

Life behind the camera

- 14 January 2021 2

Jasper behind the camera in St Christopher's Cathedral during Lent 2020. What goes on behind the scenes to bring livestream Mass in St Christopher’s Cathedral ... Read More

An Australian Family Coping with COVID in the USA

- 8 January 2021 1

L-R: Evan, David, Mary, Isaac with their dog Ruby, Christmas 2020 Mary and David Martin used to say they had the best of both worlds, ... Read More

Canberran swaps crop tops for crops

- 7 January 2021 0

Moving out to the country for three months to take part in her first harvesting season is something Lucy Ferry will never forget. Lucy was ... Read More

A Taxi that Cares

- 23 December 2020 1

When Yohan Mathai saw an elderly woman fall while getting out of a taxi, he was frustrated he wasn’t able to help her. This gave ... Read More