Egotistic Behaviour

- 27 May 2023 0

Leaving God out of our plans won’t work. Look what happened to the people who built the Tower of Babel. They said to themselves, without ... Read More


- 21 May 2023 2

Luke is writing to Theophilus (Acts 1). That is, he is writing to you – naming you as ‘Lover of God.’ How beautiful is that. The love ... Read More

Death, Deceit, Defamation

- 14 May 2023 0

A study of recent popes (Pope John XXIII-Pope Francis) reveals that our current pope refers to the devil more than any other.  Jesus called the ... Read More

Enough is Enough

- 12 May 2023 13 Australia is a free and fair country. But for how long? Calvary Hospital began operating in 1979, invited by the Commonwealth Government (1971). It ... Read More

Creed, Code, Cult

- 7 May 2023 0

The Gospel of John has seven ‘I AM’ statements. Today we encounter: I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14). The Church, accompanied by 4,000 years ... Read More

Roll the Dice

- 29 April 2023 0

Luke speaks of the ‘narrow door’ (Luke 13). Matthew speaks of the ‘narrow gate’ (Matthew 7). Either way, the metaphor is evocative, challenging: The difficulty ... Read More

Mane Nobiscum Domine

- 23 April 2023 1

Popes write teaching documents for faith-edification. These texts receive a Latin title, utilising the first words of the document. Pope John Paul II published this ... Read More