Part Three: “What if the leaves said at the end of the summer: I want to die.”

- 4 August 2021 0

Even if today many are trained for euthanasia, believing it to be a part of patient care, I am convinced that there will always be ... Read More

Part Two: “I had to request euthanasia for people to start taking an interest in me” 

- 3 August 2021 1

In this three part series, the Catholic Voice presents a selection of reminiscences by François Trufin, a hospital emergency nurse in Belgium. Part Two: "I ... Read More

Three part series: Medical professional reflects on ‘deaths corridor’

- 2 August 2021 2

There is a dearth of literature about the societal ramifications of legalising euthanasia. Margaret Somerville, an Australian bioethicist writes that: “The case against euthanasia is ... Read More