Vale Sir Gerard Brennan

- 3 June 2022 2

Sir Gerard Brennan Sir Gerard Brennan 22 May 1928 – 1 June 2022 Much will be written in coming days about the contributions of Sir ... Read More

New DPC Working Party welcomes input

- 27 May 2022 0

Easter and Pentecost are the time to focus on new life and new opportunity. In Holy Week this year, Archbishop Prowse announced the formation of ... Read More

We all seek a church that brings life

- 25 May 2022 0

Archbishop Prowse with sponsors catechumens and candidates at the Rite of Elect 2022 Just prior to Easter Archbishop Christopher announced the first steps towards a ... Read More

Synodality: a process of dealing with wicked problems

- 9 March 2022 0

In an earlier piece, I indicated that some of the challenges facing the Church today can be thought of as wicked problems – highly complex ... Read More

The Synodal Path

- 17 February 2022 0

In describing the idea of synodality I have commented that it is much more like the Camino than an airplane journey. The Camino is a ... Read More

Synodality in Action

- 17 February 2022 0

Plenary Council Australia, First Assembly ( In March 2020 Pope Francis announced that the theme for the 2023 Synod of Bishops would be: “for a ... Read More

A Synodal People

- 17 February 2022 1

Bishop Shane Mackinlay observed that “learning to be synodal is different to learning to be democratic.” This echoes Pope Francis’ contrast between synodal processes and ... Read More