Steering youth to safety with Red Frogs

- 21 October 2021 0

The Archdiocese is harnessing the power of confectionary in its desire to connect with youth and young adults through a new partnership with the well-known ... Read More

Stories of 2018: Mother of the year says she’s ‘just a big kid’

- 10 January 2019 2

SHE MIGHT have been the ACT Barnardos Mother of the Year last year but nobody calls Selina Walker Mum.“I’m just ‘Selina’...I’m not their mother,” she ... Read More

Adoption ‘should be celebrated’

- 1 June 2018 0

Barnardo's 2015 Mother of the Year, Chauntell McNamara, can’t understand why a family’s desire to adopt foster children is not embraced by the social services ... Read More

Meet our Church’s women in leadership

- 1 July 2017 0

FIONA VAN DER PLAAT talks to Helen Delahunty, Anne Kirwan and Camilla Rowland, three women who are at the forefront of decision-making in the Archdiocese. Read More

‘It is Christopher…’: Archbishop Prowse’s Installation Mass

- 19 November 2013 0

FLASHBACK: Five year's ago, Archbishop Christopher Prowse was installed as the Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn. Read More