Dads and sons welcomed to Growing Good Men weekend

- 19 February 2019 1

Fathers and their teenage sons are invited to take part in a new program called ‘Growing Good Men’ which encourages them to spend special time ... Read More


- 28 January 2019 4

As a father of four children, I have noticed the pattern of toys, clothing, and equipment flowing in and out of our house like the ... Read More

God laughed: the importance of laughter in our faith, friendships and families

- 9 January 2019 5

When was the last time you laughed out loud, giggled until your ribs hurt or your mouth ached? Read More

Storms couldn’t stop Marist Community Carols

- 20 December 2018 0

Not even thunder and lightning could stop the Community Carols from raising the roof at Marist last week. Read More

Mother of the Millenia

- 29 November 2018 0

Each year, organisations like Barnados Australia showcase the work of everyday mums and the positive difference that they make in the lives of children. Read More

C is for Catholic… and Categories

- 5 October 2018 0

By its very definition, the universal nature of the Catholic Church should be characterized by a sense of inclusion and harmony. Read More

When Instagram was called Frescoes: finding faith through art

- 30 July 2018 0

HOW do we reach an uneducated, illiterate, unformed generation of young people who are missing the opportunity to discover the message of the Gospel? Read More