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  • Sheelah Egan 9 months

    The happiest of birthday wishes with many more birthdays to come. Thank you for the blessings you have brought to so many people

  • Jeff Dutton 9 months

    Many happy returns, Bishop Pat! And very encouraging to those of us whose forebears likewise died young.

  • Gabriel Joseph 9 months

    What a joyous and well-deserved occasion. If we measure his based on his achievements to the humanity, I am sure he would have passed 100 years easily. He has always been a fighter for justice and the SriLankan Tamils living in Australia owes a lot for his unrelenting support for a just cause. I wish him many more returns of the day.

  • Sabina Van Rooy 9 months

    Happy Birthday Fr Pat…..we are all blessed in so many ways for your love of God and Church. You have been and continue to be the voice of so many people in our church and local community.All the best for the coming years ahead. Go the Rabbitohs in 2022!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mary Coombe 9 months

    Happy Birthday, Fr Pat, may we continue to be blessed with your kindness and love for many years.