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  • John O’Donnell 6 months

    Religious intolerance and rank injustice. An assault on democracy.

  • Mary Calman 6 months

    A disgrace 

  • Stuart Taylor 6 months

    This is the sort of reaction you might expect in say Russia or China or North Korea total communism 

    • David Paton 6 months

      Australia has become increasingly communist, have you not noticed? government over reach into every walk of life.

  • Mauya Vivian 6 months

    This is indeed a pure barbaric act of a state against its own innocent citizenry. And one is bound to ask as to what such a stiff-necked government exists for???…and who is behind it? But prayer never fails. One day is one day. No human powers can overpowers God’s.

  • Louise 6 months

    Never expected my country to go full commie.

  • Patricia Cochran 6 months

    Hands off Calvary Hospital!!!    

  • Kay Campbell 6 months

    Australia is a democratic nation, known for a “fair go”, ACT government hands off Calvary Hospital

  • Henry 6 months

    The ACT Government will not care about opposition to their (in their minds) done deal regarding the hospital since it will just give the chief minister a smug feeling of satisfaction and his supporters the same – rosaries/ovaries etc.
    What might make them reconsider is if ALL ACT government projects are met with opposition. People need to fight back even if there’s no hope of winning. Make the corrupt dogs earn it instead of just letting them walk over everybody.

    • Ron Norton 6 months

      Not much will happen before the next ACT election because the single good thing to come out of this government arrogance is that Andrew Barr may have signed his own and his stupid government’s political death warrant. Let’s hope (I almost wrote ‘pray’ but unlike Barr and his ministerial cohorts I am not religiously biassed) ALL Canberrans can rejoice when the time comes. Trouble is the only way it will happen is if we get rid of the public service and trade union bias against democracy and a fair go for all. Where are you Kate Carnell???

  • Margaret Reynolds 6 months

    I support the Catholic nuns and priests involved in this action because for the last several years I have noticed a deterioration in the principles of the political parties towards democracy and ethical values of the society our Democracy was based on prior to 1986 when they overtook the English constitution our constitution was based on and we became a part of the Usa style of governance.unknown to most Australians and the situation ignored by Politicians, governor–general,police and Judiciary.We have to fight or Australia has had it.

  • Anne .McCauley 6 months

    We all need to pray to preserve and protect our Catholic institutions.

  • Stephen 6 months

    Many Australians including me came to this country because this is/was a free country where you could buy land and establish businesses without the threat of acquisition or takeover by government.
    This is the most antidemocratic thing I have seen in my 50 years here.

  • Anne 6 months

    How brave bold, and extremely foolish is the Government to think they can take what belongs to The God of Love and Mercy in placing these extra special Nuns and committed people who have loved and cared for ALL PEOPLES OF ALL FAITHS AND NON BELIEFS AS EQUAL TO GOD’s LOVING CARE each and every day of duty..SURRENDER TO THE WILL OF GOD WHILST YOU HAVE TIME. 

  • Brenden T Walters 6 months

    I am wondering if the Catholic schools will be next. They operate on a lot of Government funding.

  • Tony 6 months

    Do they realise there is an election looming?

  • Michelle Atkinson 6 months

    The action of the ACT government is a sad indictment of their administrative decision making skills and how poorly it reflects what the community wants for its members. Maladministration pure and simple. They are not making best use of the ACT’s resources for the good of all. Arguably action for the few. Worse this action is an example of the persecution of faith communities, of all types, that we see currently throughout the world. That persecution is now present in Australia – a country that has often been at the forefront of democratic actions in the past. Vale the spirit of Gallipoli so recently lauded.

  • Thomas J MAHON 6 months

    Any Government that uses its powers unlawfully should be challenged all the way to the High Court of Australia.

    That’s why Australian Men and Women fought in wars and other conflicts to ensure their descendants were protected by DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES.

    Tearing agreements apart is the conduct of foreign Governments – notably China & Russia.

    The Victorian Government lovers of China, wanted to use China’s Belt Road – the LNP granted China the right to its own airfields on Australian territory and 100 year lease of Darwin Ports. Both Governments allow China to buy water rights; land and its produce which is then shipped to China. The Foreign Investment Board has it eyes in blinkers.

    This takeover is merely another example of how far Australians tolerate the demise of their DEMOCRATIC rights. Thomas J MAHON
    Words without positive action merely weakens the position of the Nuns and induces a situation whereby something offered by the jackboots may appear better than nothing.

  • Robert Milne 6 months


  • Eileeen Cameron 6 months

    It is time we realised we are ever increasingly losing what we hold dear! our basic right to democracy and the right to hold on to Christian values which advocates and includes all peoples, all faiths. We must teach our youth and the non thinkers to question, to discuss what we want to hold on to and share with our New Comers and our Indigenous as well as those who relatives came here in chains or by free will. Eileen

  • Eric Mulvey 6 months

    This is not right to takeover a hospital performing its duties with many years to go on its lease- we need to ask GOD for his intervention and show these politicians though according to the Bible 1Peter we are to submit to human authorities this takeover is evil.