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  • Joseph Quigley 4 years

    This disappoints me. Some of the Catdinal’s remarks are based on gossip. Pope Francis has made it clear he is prepared to allow the widest possible discussion vis a vis the state of the Church & what might need to be done to ensure the pastoral care of its members. Cardinal Sarah ought to stick to his portfolio – Divine Worship – desist from megaphone debate outside the Synod. He comes across as not a team player. Indeed he seems to prefer throwing brickbats from the comfort of the grandstand.

  • mary C Anderson 4 years

    So grateful for Cardinal Sara’s clear charitable thinking. He seems not to allow times and cultures to invade his thinking.These circumstances will pass and he is aware of it. We should be so blest to appreciate his razor sharp evaluations, bringing us right side up to the Catholic Church intended to be what it is and has been for the last 2019 years. He is a teacher of the Divine Wisdom

  • Anne Prendergast 4 years

    I believe Cardinal Sarah is right. I have come across feminist women who are pushing for the ordination of women. I believe this idea to be wrong and I admire Cardinal Sarah for coming forward.

  • Sean Cleary 4 years

    Does this Cardinal not know there already thousands of married Roman Catholic priests? If it is so impossible does he believe their status to be invalid or illegitimate? Perhaps this is just one more example of one of these disloyal conservatives being so bound to rules and power that they are happy to publicly criticize Pope Francis and his cñear pastoral concerns to move our Church to be a more Spirit and Gospel inspired Church of the periphery.

    • Joseph Quigley 4 years

      Thank you,Sean. For a while there I thought I was the only reader who disagreed with Cardinal Sarah’s views & his tactics. I’ll keep an eye out for any further comments you write. Blessings 


    Those seeking change need to be inline with the teaching of Christ our Lord God
    We as a Church and individuals must always seek to grow into perfection 
    The Roman Rite has followed Christ in the form of celibacy for almost 2000 years and this is a blessing that they give their entire life to God
    There are other Rites of the Holy Catholic Church which has married Priests and if men are called to this they can follow in those particular forms of the Church 
    Christ only chose men as Priests and as he said some are eunuchs for the sake of the Kingdom and are free from being divided between the needs of the Kingdom and the needs of having a Wife & Children 
    Prayer & Fasting are need by all and total loyalty to the Laws of Gods Kingdom here on Earth by following Cannon Law and the Magisterial teaching of the Apostles and the Church handed down since Christ founded the Church 
    God Bless and Peach be with Us!!

  • Meredith coe 4 years

    Having recently come back to the Catholic Church after many years, the biggest thing that got to me was how it had changed and I do not feel for the better. People dress so badly for one thing. The women do not wear head coverings, which is scriturally based. The Communion rail has disappeared. The altar boys are gone to be replaced by women without head coverings I might add and men giving out Communion who are not priests. Wow. How changed it is from what I remember. Some where along the way, something got lost and I feel that it has something to do with a worldly way of thinking that has taken over. No malicious intent towards anyone with a duty to perform. It is an observation.

    Some clergy felt obviously that God would be better served in a way that pleased the people and not God. Why would anyone want to copy the other churches? I have been in them and they do not hold a candle to the worship and history found in the Catholic Church. Some are a cheap copy of what it should be like and others have no basic structure to speak of. This Cardinal is right. I understand there was a lot of things going on at that Synod that were not in keeping with the Catholic Faith and the Bible too. Maybe more needs to be said about this because if things are not right in our church, then it is certainly not wrong to say so. After all, Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. It maybe the right time now to stand up for Jesus and Mary too.