Archbishop's Message

“Listen humbly & speak courageously” in 2019

Catholic Voice- 1 February 2019 1

We make the journey into 2019 with faith, hope, and love. May we not allow the darkness of despair and selfishness to cloud our vision ... Read More

Archbishop Christopher Prowse’s Christmas Message

Catholic Voice- 18 December 2018 0

VIDEO: In his Christmas message this year, Archbishop Christopher Prowse emphasised that giving love is the greatest gift there is. Read More

Christmas 2018 – we beg to differ!

- 4 December 2018 0

Recently I came across a beautiful saying that is so suitable to Christmas.“A lighted candle came into a darkened room and said:“I beg to differ.” Read More

Youth – Belong, Believe, Become

- 5 November 2018 1

These past weeks have been very much focussed on our youth – both from local and international levels. Read More

St Clare’s College students represent Australia at Youth Olympics

Catholic Voice- 18 October 2018 0

St Clare’s students Keely Small (Year 11) and Abbey Webb (Year 12) represented Australia at the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires in October. Read More

Viewing Life from the Wound

- 5 October 2018 0

In recent weeks I listened attentively and for some time to several sex abuse victims/survivors. They are courageous people. Read More

Words of Encouragement

- 25 September 2018 2

Words of Encouragement: At the end of Mass, the priest will say go the Mass has ended. Now that's just not a dismissal. It's actually ... Read More