Saints Peter and Paul (old cathedral), Goulburn 150 year Anniversary

- 1 December 2022 0

The time has finally arrived for the opening of the extensively restored and beloved “Old Cathedral” of Goulburn, as it is affectionately called.  Also for ... Read More

Catholics are bridge builders

- 21 August 2020 0

It may surprise you to know that the first time the term CATHOLIC CHURCH was used was by St Ignatius of Antioch in 110 AD.  ... Read More

Archbishop’s Homily – The Ordination of Alex Osborne

- 3 September 2019 0

Alexander Osborne knows all about the love of belonging to the Church because of his family.  His parents are here tonight.  We welcome them in ... Read More

Homily – Jesuits farewell from Canberra, Feast of Ignatius Loyola

- 5 August 2019 1

Fr Frank Brennan delivered the Homily at Canberra's Farewell Mass to the Jesuits at St Christopher's Cathedral on the Feast of St Ignatius Loyola. Read More

Homily for Fr Dominic Byrne’s Installation Mass at West Wyalong

- 22 February 2019 2

Archbishop Christopher Prowse’s Homily on the occasion of the Installation of Fr Dominic Byrne as Parish Priest of the West Wyalong Mission. Read More

Archbishop Christopher Prowse’s Christmas Homily

- 25 December 2018 1

We gather with our family, friends and indeed with all Christians throughout the world on this Christmas day.  Read More

Archbishop’s Homily: Diaconate Ordination of Alex Osborne

- 26 November 2018 0

We welcome Alexander Osborne on his Ordination to the Diaconate.  We particularly welcome his family gathered here tonight.  Read More