Spiritual Reading

Interior Healing

- 20 December 2020 5

Surprisingly, perhaps, Pope Francis’ apostolic letter on St. Joseph – With a Father’s Heart – focuses on interior healing. The pope says that the path ... Read More

What is happening to me?

- 28 June 2020 1

CG_Catholic · Inner Life: What Is Happening To Me St. Paul begins Romans 6 with insights into baptism. ‘Baptise’ comes from the Greek, meaning ‘to ... Read More

Vigiling the Solemnity of All Saints

- 14 November 2019 0

I saw pumpkins in the supermarket last week, not the usual varieties, but the colour of deep orange, the kind used in North America to ... Read More


- 11 July 2019 1

  The Jewish people institutionalised rest because God wanted them to. It's not a good idea to institutionalise power and/or money - that's not a ... Read More

Actions speak louder than words: A sermon by St Antony of Padua

Catholic Voice- 5 July 2019 1

The man who is filled with the Holy Spirit speaks in different languages. These different languages are different ways of witnessing to Christ, such as ... Read More

Scientific photos of Shroud of Turin published

Catholic Voice- 12 April 2019 1

Denver, Colo. (CNA) - A new website aims to make available to Catholics and researchers a collection of photographs of the Shroud of Turin by ... Read More

Cattle paid to South Sudan families after girls died in Catholic school fire

Catholic Voice- 8 April 2019 0

After a fire killed three young girls at a Catholic girls boarding school in South Sudan last month, the local Catholic diocese and state government ... Read More