Vocations Awareness Week

- 18 August 2023 0

From 24 to 31 August this year, our Archdiocese will mark Vocations Awareness Week. When thinking about vocations, we often jump straight to their state ... Read More

WYD 2023

Catholic Voice- 3 August 2023 0 Read More

Enough is Enough

- 12 May 2023 13 Australia is a free and fair country. But for how long? Calvary Hospital began operating in 1979, invited by the Commonwealth Government (1971). It ... Read More

Easter Message 2023: Walking Together with our First Australians

- 4 April 2023 3 Noel Pearson and Archbihsop Christopher Prowse Aboriginal leader Noel Pearson, last year described his people as “much unloved.”  In a distressing observation, he stated ... Read More

Noel Pearson in ‘furious agreement’ with Catholic Education’s reform agenda

- 31 January 2023 1

(L-R) Canberra and Goulburn's Catholic Education Director, Ross Fox, Noel Pearson and Catholic Archbishop Christopher Prowse The steadfast refusal of systems and educators to accept ... Read More