Catholic Religious Australia applauds students standing up for the planet

- 19 September 2019 0

On September 20 2019, Catholic religious organisations will be joining school students and other young people in support of youth-led climate rallies. Read More

A Spirituality of Social Justice

- 18 September 2019 3

Has anyone ever been able to answer the age-old question about the chicken and the egg? I am sure there are profound arguments for the ... Read More

Local primary principals leading the way at National conference

- 17 September 2019 0

A large contingent of local principals attended the Australian Primary Principals’ Association (APPA) conference in Adelaide recently. Read More

Chaplains vital as Australia’s prison population grows

- 16 September 2019 0

Catholic prison chaplains have heard how their mission is becoming increasingly vital as Australia’s corrections system expands. Read More

New book explores priests on the big screen

Catholic Voice- 11 September 2019 0

An Australian priest who has been reviewing films for more than 50 years has launched a book about the cinematic portrayal of Catholic priests since ... Read More

Bishops launch major statement on social media

- 10 September 2019 0

Australia’s Catholic bishops have launched a digital communications statement urging people to overcome hatred, division & exploitation that occurs online. Read More

Measuring ‘tweens’ use of screen-based devices: new research

Catholic Voice- 9 September 2019 1

Parents of ‘tweens’ will get a report card on how their child uses screen-based devices and whether that use meets national guidelines. Read More