Conquering the divide

- 4 June 2019 2

The image of the Church as either a family or a household is not new. While neither image is exhaustive, they say something of the ... Read More

“Ad Limina Apostolorum” visit

- 3 June 2019 2

At the end of June this year all the bishops of Australia will make a significant visit to Rome. Read More

Belong – welcoming the powerful stranger

- 16 May 2019 0

The following reflections are the synthesis of research and pondering in the lead up to the Guinness and God Series hosted by ACU and the ... Read More

Christus Vivit – Christ is Alive

- 10 May 2019 0

“GOD LOVES YOU... Christ saves you... He is alive.” This proclamation of the timeless Gospel truth lies at the heart of Pope Francis’ latest Apostolic ... Read More

The only life that matters

- 9 May 2019 4

We like the highs in our own lives and, if at all possible, we would avoid the lows. As a people of faith we seem ... Read More

Bishops call for politics that promote peace, common good

Catholic Voice- 17 April 2019 0

Australia’s Catholic bishops have called for respect and understanding in the federal election campaign. Read More

When the going gets tough

- 11 April 2019 4

As I write this, news is coming through on the sentence Cardinal Pell has been given for the abuse of two choirboys shortly after his ... Read More