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  • Louise Bugden 2 years

    ‘it is morally acceptable to receive COVID-19 vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses in their research and production process”.

    “At all times we oppose the destruction of human life,” Archbishop Comensoli said.

    These statements are very contradictory! 

    When will the Church stand up against the practice of using aborted babies for research? If they did the scientists perhaps would use other more ethical means for research and development. 
    I, for one, do not and will not accept these tainted vaccines as ‘morally acceptable’ ! 

  • nessa 2 years

    Shine a light on the truth, don’t retreat into convenient blindness. Abortion at any age is wrong, whether it’s for your uncle’s organs in a distant land’s medical trade, or you’ve failed a suffering lonely family into euthanasia. I don’t want the cloned cells of a healthy precious life that was conveniently denied to her. Forgive us Lord when we are not salt of the earth as faith in your death and gift of life demands.

  • Daryl John Burnet 2 years

    The Old Testament is full of people obeying God rather than the people in power. Too many of our shepherds bow down to popular opinion. Too many Catholics are gutless, they seek the worlds approval.

    The best remedy for covid 19 and and the coming War is the Rosary and a simple way of life. Fatima was a reality. A great chastisement is imminent, prayer and fasting can not stop it. Prayer and fasting can lessen the suffering.

    Im not against vaccines, polio, etc were terrible. This modern vaccine is different. It ushers in quick remedies which will be like thalidomide. It will ruin your natural immune system.

    Do you trust God or the Government?