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  • Elaine Laycock 2 years

    Please, please do NOT give Pell any more ‘air time’.

  • Paul Burt 2 years

    Cardinal  Pell is an authentic witness of Christ 

  • Paul Australian 2 years

    Cardinal Pell is one of the few Catholic Leaders who has shown the courage to enter the public space and has suffered for it. I wish we had more A/Bishops willing to lead in the public square on Christian values. They seem to have gone missing from the public discourse on ethics in the last decade.

    Bishops are successors to the apostles. The 12 did not go out asking lay faithful their opinions (plenary councils) – They PREACHED the good news! They told us what Christ told them!!

    I pray that the Bishops of Australia re-assert their authority in the Plenary Council to uphold the teachings of Christ and stay clear of the moral relativism masquerading as virtue in todays culture of “woke”.