Celebrating love

Our thoughts and words often show us what we truly believe. We know that God loves us and died for us, but how far this reality has penetrated our lives is born out in our thoughts and words. Jesus says that God loved the world so much he gave his only son to save his people. 

Yet, our minds are so often filled with negative thoughts about ourselves and others. How often do we condemn ourselves for our own mistakes? How often do we believe we are not good enough and have to try harder? What about our thoughts about others? Do we desire to bless others? Easter is the time where we celebrate as we reflect on the saving work of God. In turning our minds to the love that God has for us and all of his people, we can learn to live more freely and to let go of the voices in our minds that want to bring condemnation.

Lord, let us celebrate your love for all your people.

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