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  • Pauline 2 weeks

    Fantastic work Bishop Porteous and to all those trusting in God to lead them

  • Ann 2 weeks

    this article is neither smart.fair or honest. Shame on you for printing such a damning report on an island that has a long history of faithful Catholics both religious and lay people. I am at least a fourth generation catholic,educated in a catholic school as have my children and grandchildren. My great grandchild has just commenced her education in a Catholic school as well. This is just my story, but there are many, many similar stories to refute both your reporting and the way in which our misinformed Atchbishop Julian Porteous has given to you.

  • Paddy Byers 2 weeks

    My reaction after reading this article was ‘Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you.’
    Many committed and practical Catholics, both clergy and laity, have been hurt by this article.
    What was the point of it?

  • Carol 1 week

    I am offended by this article. I don’t live in a spiritually barren place. My parish in southern Tasmania has nurtured my faith, as I hope I have nurtured others, for nearly 40 years, with a vibrancy that includes Marriage Encounter, Cursillo, Parish renewal weekends, small group meetings of prayer and sharing of faith stories, support and friendship. Now in my 60’s my faith community is part of my family. I would pray the same for everyone on this “spiritually barren island.”

    • margaret Clougher 5 days

      Hey! where did you get the idea that we are a spiritually barren Island?I strongly disagree!! I have lived in the very Catholic atmosphere of Tasmania for the last 66yrs. and have been inspired by by it!Please write another article acknowledging the tireless work of our priests,nuns and lay people , now and in the past, who work tirelessly for our Faith in our cities and our many remote areas!No-one is left without support!! We have even shared the joy of a new religious order being formed here by our much loved Father John Wallace.! “The Missionary Sisters of Service.”

  • Peter Willis 2 days

    What an insult to all Tasmanian Catholics. When the archdiocese of Hobart admits,accepts and apologizes for the harm and hurt that has been perpetrated in Catholic Institutions then we can begin to move forward.Reverting to a 17th century model of evangelism will not achieve a lot in the Tasmanian Catholic community. We know what the problem with Catholicism is in Tasmania and bringing mainland monks and nuns will not alter that. Condescending articles by an obviously mainland journo who does not appreciate the Catholic history of Tasmania certainly will not help.