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  • Jan Baker 4 years

    Great to see Fr Paul in the front row.  I agree we need to build a culture for vocations but could we add the word “discernment” to the mix. I cringed when last year I heard a priest say that the bishop who ordained him had said “I’ll ordain anything that talks.” We need priests but they need to be men who are genuinely called. 

  • Kerry Harrison 4 years

    Is that the best you can do? To promote only the priesthood and consecrated life? The expression, ‘circling the wagons’ comes to mind. If this is the future of the Church that I love, God help us. Here we are with gifted and qualified married Deacons, experienced lay Minister’s begging to contribute to the future, and all you can do is promote priests as if they are the only solution for the future, I despair. Wake up, folks. Before long, there won’t be anyone in the pews to minister to. Blessings to you for an increase in wisdom, Kerry
    PS if the Archbishop or Fr Nulley ever reads this, why can’t they respond, or is it safe for them not to acknowledge this truth?