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  • Ann Clementine 2 years

    THanks so much for this positive message. It is so heartening to know that our Church leaders are advocating for their people in these fractious times. Unity and community is essential to our beliefs and worship. God bless you Archbishop Fisher and Monica Doumit

  • Anna 2 years

    During a global pandemic, it would be far more appropriate for our church leaders to be encouraging their faith communities to get vaccinated (if they can) so that everyone is protected from this terrible disease. Our most vulnerable people are dying alone in isolation, without receiving the sacraments and Last Rites, or loved ones at their bedside in their final hour because they are so fearful of the vaccines. Is it not the mission of the Church, and our mission as Catholics, to educate and protect the most vulnerable in our society? I pray that all church leaders offer counsel and pastoral care to those in need of comfort and reassurance at this time, and not involve themselves in a debate with government which has the potential to further divide the faith community. 

  • Simon 2 years

    This is a grossly irresponsible attitude by the Church hierarchy and those parishioners who insist on their right to infect other people with this terrible disease. If you take an action that has an inevitable consequence, then by choosing to take the action you have intended the consequence. If you are unvaccinated and mix with other people, you will get the disease and you will infect others. More than 2 per cent of those you infect will, not might, die. The Australian church is once again following a pattern of not protecting the most vulnerable in the community. There are far too many “religious” organisations in Australia at the moment showing a total contempt for the safety of the broader community. I fully endorse Anna’s comments. Catholic church leaders should be working to protect their faith communities, not condemning the vulnerable to a terrible death. I wont be returning to any live celebration of the Sacraments while the Church pursues this reprehensible behaviour.

    • James R Smith 2 years

      If the Australian Church hasn’t enough problems we now have senior members proposing special rules for its members. I was so disappointed that the Leaders of our Church could be so unthinking – we are experiencing a pandemic – we need to stick to the rules.
      James R Smith