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  • Joseph Quigley 5 months

    Sometimes I hear practising Catholics say:”Thank God, I’ve still got the Faith. Everyone else in my family has lost it.” Really? How do they know? Do I need to know? Like the wind the Spirit blows where it will. Judge not.

  • Beth Gibson 5 months

    Comparisons may be ‘odious’, but we also need to ensure that in using the term ‘complementarity’ we are not, perhaps inadvertently, acting as if one half of the complement has more notice, more choices, more status than another. Do men complement each other too? Or is it only men and women who complement each other? Is the world really binary? What about people with different abilities? People from different cultures? People with broader gender experiences? Are these all complementary too? It feels like the article was written in response to something, but we don’t know what the something was?

  • Glenda Chapman 5 months

    Why can’t you compare males and females?
    In our society we are pigeon holed by gender (race, age, ability, disability, socioeconomics etc.)
    As a female we must wear certain clothes and shoes that restrict our mobility, play with single use toys that don’t expand our mind, stay at home and cook, clean care kids/elderly/disabled as unpaid work.
    Or often work and do the majority of the unpaid labour in the family unit.
    Gender dictates so much of our lives.
    The less our life is dictated by gender roles the better the world will be.
    Jesus said to Martha “Mary has chosen the better part”. – was this telling us that women need to do less in the background and more to learning and living?