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  • Colin Griffiths 3 years

    Totally support the views expressed in the Archbishop’s letter.This issue is one of real concen and the radical policies expressed in the Bill are too far out of touch with sensible and mature community sentiments

  • Gwendolyne Griffiths 3 years

    I am concerned that the mainstream Labour party has been captured and held to ransome on this issue by an unrepresentative minority. The proposed legislation is appalling and must be voted down

  • Paul Monagle 3 years

    Thank you for defending the rights of parents who a key responsibility on guiding their children to happiness and a fulfilling life.

  • Francis 3 years

    Well said Your Grace. Thank you for speaking up on this. Yet more nefarious social engineering by a ‘progressive’ government.

  • Terry Gallagher 3 years

    Is not the legislation intended to ban sexuality and gender identity conversion practices?? For example a gay person being subjected to a conversion procedure to change his sexuality. That is surely abhorrent and wrong.

    • Louise Thygesen 3 years

      While that may be the purported reason (and I agree with you that it is wrong), they way it is worded is vague enough to undermine parental rights , and allow children access to treatments which may be irreversible. In every other area of health, it is recognised that children do not have the experience or capacity to make these kinds of decisions. A significant number of children who identify as transgendered in early high school return to their biological gender by the end of their teens. 
      It is already difficult for parents to suggest children “wait and see”, due to external pressures. 

    • Charlie Smith 3 years

      Sorry Terry but any bill that stated ‘practices’ as simple as a parent expressing sentiments of hesitation and caution to a young child experiencing gender confusion could become criminal offences if the proposed bill is passed is ridiculous. That is Abhorrent..

  • Max Spencer 3 years

    Thank you Archbishop Christopher for your stand on this issue. As parents and Grandparents there is much to fear in the path being journeyed by our political leaders.

  • Christine Riley 3 years

    Totally support all that the Archbishop said. 

  • james 3 years

    Thank you Grace for raising the concerns on behalf of us Catholics. This bill is a political move ahead of the election, and is certainly ill considered. We should keep voicing our concerns.

  • Carmel 3 years

    Totally agree with your sentiments Archbishop. I’m extremely concerned with the way our politicians and certain members of our society are undermining our society as a whole. In this case the young and most vulnerable members.

  • Gunther Mau 3 years

    I fully support your initiative, Your Grace, but just pray it did not come too late to influence the process.

    But,if that is so, which I very much fear might be the case, we need to think of a plan B to limit the negative impacts of this proposed ‘ill-thought-out’ legislation. Can we?

    We may also need to think of an ‘early warning system’ to alert us to similar legislative initiatives, to give us sufficient time to contribute to political decision making in future.

    Have we build effective contacts to assembly members, I wonder? A Chinese proverb says you need to be closer to your opponents than to your friends – so you always know what they are ‘up-to’ and you can be prepared…

    Thankfully we live in a democracy, with no opponents nor enemies, but there is a degree of wisdom in the saying nevertheless – a wisdom we may be well advised to adopt.

  • Christopher K Crowley 3 years

    This type of conscious departure from natural human development and family unity is abhorrent. I can only conclude that it is generated by fear of the truth, fear of the reality of biology, and fear of a tiny minority being hated – not being treated with love and compassion. I ask, what evidence is there that such fear is grounded so confidently, that the response must be an application of total risk averseness for about 20% of the human population aged between about 8 and 20 (who experience some degree gender confusion) when only about 5% of this 20% – at most, will persist with discomfort about their biological gender by age 20. Leave families to deal with this so the 19% grow naturally under the love and care of their parents. Without state interference. And let the 1% be loved and cared for by their parents as well – with State assistance, as will likely be needed.

  • Milagro Barahona 3 years

    Thanks for your concern. While the media keep us distracted with the COVID 19 in every country the devil silently is working in this abomination.
    Thank you your Eminence, hoping that Australia as a free country and own voice respect the voice of his people as well as freedom in religion, not to break the seal of confession.

    God bless you

  • Anne Prendergast 3 years

    Thank you Your Eminence for following this matter up with The Chief Minister’s Office and members of the religious community.

    I am a long-standing and very conservative member of The Liberal Party and also a member of The Australian Family Association and have been very concerned about the leaning of The Labor Party towards same-sex marriage and sexual change matters.

    Thank you once again.

  • Jude Pachamuthu 3 years

    I expressed our concerns to the Liberals and they supported us and said that they opposed the Bill. Unfortunately, the Libs are a minority and I heard that the Bill was passed today. Its a sad day for us 🙁

    We just have to keep praying for Australia’s conversion.