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  • Edward Michael -Mike Mooney 2 years

    I was an alter boy and we were required to make the responses in Latin

  • Kevin Croker 2 years

    Dominus Vobiscum Denis!

  • Bruce Ryan 2 years

    Thankyou for this summary of the introduction of the Mass in English in this archdiocese, however, I was hoping to read that the archdiocese was going to revise the currently totally unacceptable English translation to meet the original intention of V2 for an accessible translation. Imagine my disappointment! 

  • Martin Dunn 2 years

    So has Mass attendance increased since the Mass was made more accessible?

  • Gavin O'Brien 2 years

    A wonderful visit to the past.I remember the transition well. I was a student at St Joseph’s College in Sydney at the time. I found the change to the vernacular to be very refreshing and meaningful.The changes to the Liturgy under Pope John Paul made some of the meanings of some passage in the liturgy very quaint. I was a Pastoral Associate in North Queensland with a large Italian population when the changes were promulgated .I recall the reaction of my 78 year old Parish Priest.He said to me; “how will they understand this mambo jumbo?” I had to agree with him.