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  • Solomon Gomez 3 years

    It is impossible to commit such crime in priestly robe and in high traffic public area. Let’s assume Cardinal wanted to have sex, he could have chosen some other place and satisfied himself. Why would he do this act in public? Is he out of mind to do sex in public? No, he has not done it simply. He is innocent in this case and should be released immediately.

    I am a priest myself and know that after Holy Mass, your mind heart and soul is filled with highest level of spirituality and you would not commit of such crime. People need to understand this important fact and in my opinion Cardinal is innocent in this case.

    It’s unfortunate that Australian society has suffered and witnessed such incidents in the past and public opinion is built against church.

    Please let Cardinal Pell free from prison and enjoy his priestly commitment. He cannot commit such crime at such highest level of church hierarchy at public place.