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  • Matt Casey 6 months

    I fully agree with this initiative and need to expand services. Its well beyond time that illicit drug use was treated as a health issue rather than relying on the criminal law.

  • Neil, of Queanbeyan 6 months

    Oregon here we come! Good luck getting the Greens/Labor government to put any money into health, or anything that isn’t a tram!

  • Sue 4 months

    Drugs harm people. Using hard drugs like cocaine and ice damages the users, their families and our society, and the damage done is long term. Decriminalising drugs sends a strong message to young people that using drugs is OK. I am appalled at this move by our government. It shows they have a complete misunderstanding of addiction, and it appears they are even encouraging more people to fall into drug addiction. It’s a long, hard road out, and many people don’t make it out alive.

  • Gabriel of Canberra 4 months

    Following questions have been not raised or answered

    How are we going to monitor new entrants trialling hard drugs?

    How are we going to stop illegal business by few getting together and buy the minimum allowed and sell as a large quantity or consume large quantities in turn?

    How are we going to stop interstate members of the community flock to Canberra to buy from Canberrans on-selling?

    What is the back-up plan if the additional services or not funded adequately?

    Why is this important issue does not go through a referendum?

    In my view the intentions may be good but not an issue to be pushed due to the pressure from Greens. Too soon