Double Profession for Secular Franciscan Order at Farrer

Members of the Holy Spirit Secular Franciscan Order, Canberra.
Front: Frank Farrell, Genevieve Colbert, Michelle McGaurr, Sonny Hong, Loui Seselja. Back: Tony Dimichiel, Tony Bozicevic, Tony Dunnicliff-Hagan, Ruth Dunnicliff-Hagan, Fr Miroslav Jelić. Photo supplied.

The Holy Spirit Secular Franciscan Order of Canberra was delighted to receive two new members into their fraternity this month.

Genevieve Colbert and Michelle McGaurr were professed into the lay Order on May 17 at St Augustine’s Church, Farrer.

As professed members they have promised to live their lives by following Jesus in the spirit of St Francis of Assisi, who himself is said to have been the most Christ-like person to have ever lived, after Christ himself.

After having journeyed with the members of the Order for the past three years Ms McGaurr said, “what drew me to St Francis and the Franciscan way was St Francis’ deep connection to the natural world around him, his universal love for all of creation, the way he embraced simplicity and the spirit in which he lived he gospel life.”

Ms Colbert also spoke about her love and affection for the Franciscan spirituality as well as her close family connection to the order, “I am a ‘third generation Franciscan’, my grandfather was a Secular Franciscan, and my aunty was a Franciscan nun. The Franciscan spirit is in my blood.”

St Francis himself saw the gospel as not just a book to be read, but a life to be lived.

“As Franciscans living in the secular world we ‘put on’ Christ and live the gospel message within our everyday lives, in our family homes, workplace and all of secular society,” said the newly professed members.


Ms Colbert and Ms McGaurr were received into the Order by the fraternity minister, Anthony Dunnicliff-Hagan, during Mass which was celebrated by the new Spiritual Assistant to the fraternity, Fr Miroslav Jelić OFM.

Often referred to as the ‘Third Order’ or ‘Tertiaries’, the Secular Franciscan Order allows everyday Catholics to join a canonically established lay Order of the Church and become full members of the Franciscan family while remaining lay.

It is an order for married people, single, those with careers, the retired, the young and old – from 18 years and onwards.

St Francis established the third order himself almost 800 years ago for the laity to follow in his footsteps of peace, humility, simplicity, charity, joy, and a love for all of God’s creation. Today there are almost half a million members world-wide and it is actually the largest order (lay or religious) in the Catholic Church.

The fraternity in Canberra meet on the third Friday of each month at St Augustine’s Church, Farrer at 7:45pm.

New comers are most welcome. Please contact Tony on 0428 631 916, email: Website: 


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