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  • Aileen Kenseley 7 months

    Thoughts and prayers as you go into battle – “not against flesh and blood but against spiritual powers”!!

  • Margaret reynolds 7 months

    I agree totally. They also intend to take a lot more–Starting with the next referendum.All part of Wef, WHO and Un agenda.Australia and the whole world is at a critical point.Listen to Usap, One Nation, Bob Katter, and Riccardo Bosi—Time for honest and free elections —-

  • Neil 7 months

    Absolutely Enough is Enough! (It’s why I moved to Queanbeyan. The Canberra people continue to vote this awful government back in.) I think it might be time for a Goulburn School Strike style protest.

  • Marilyn Rea 7 months

    This is an outrage, so fearful of what these politicians are trying to do to us all.
    We do need to stop this.

  • Van Mai 7 months

    It is time for a change in the ACT government.

    The ACT government has faced several management issues with the Canberra hospital, yet they are now seeking to manage another public hospital. This raises the question: why take on additional responsibility when the current management of the Canberra hospital is still in question? Enough is enough!

  • Geoffrey Poole 7 months

    I agree with the sentiment of a morally bankrupt Local Government. One that continues to push fringe agendas and erode society values. I do have a few questions that relates to the compulsory acquisition. Does the Archdiocese and the Vatican have any significant plans for the upgrade of Calvary? Has the Archdiocese sought financial assistance from the Federal or local governments to fund any proposed upgrade? Has the Archdiocese spoken to ACT Government about the possibilities of a joint venture. One in which the Archdiocese would retain 75% and ultimate control of the asset. With ACT & Federal Governments paying the all costs of upgrade? I would be interested and happy to provide time at no cost to assisting with any steering committee or any commercial negotiations. My contact number is 0411691123. Background is 33 years in business in the region

  • Tony Farley 7 months

    Great advocacy Fr Tony. I initially thought the new hospital was proposed through a partnership with Calvary and was shocked to subsequently realise it was a forced takeover. Accepting this sort of behaviour is a slippery slope that has to be opposed. 

  • Michael Pidcock 7 months

    This proposal by the ACT government is discriminatory, disrespectful and repugnant to a large section to the community. It must be prevented at all costs

  • Kevin 7 months

    And how much is this going to cost the Canberra community, given it is a compulsory acquisition (quite separate from the cost of a new hospital)?

    Wouldn’t that money be better spent improving health care services (at both hospitals)?

    One wonders if part of the motivation is that the (appalling) ACT health bureaucracy wants to avoid continued comparisons with the excellent service that Calvary provides.

  • M Sertori 7 months

    Not on without a constructive and open consultation with public.

  • Tanya Read 7 months

    Proposal by the ACT government is discriminatory and disrespectful. It must be prevented at all costs. Terrible news that this proposal is even possible, fundamentally not right, potentially hindering future private development other than ACT Government funded or initiated.

  • Anne-Marie Biorci 6 months

    This is unacceptable in a democratic country.

  • Paul A 6 months

    Kudos to Fr Percy for his righteous anger displayed on Sky TV. It is well placed, well directed and good to see the Church (ie:all of us) stand up for the right to life in the public square! The behavior of this ACT Gov is just morally bankrupt on many fronts.