By Archbishop Christopher Prowse" />


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  • Brendan Scarce 7 months

    Thank you Archbishop Chritopher for “Love does not kill love”. I hope that this enlightening phrase can be come a well known public mantra. Peace and blessings

  • nessa 7 months

    Unbelievably this does not even touch on what is being considered for the future of aSSISTED dEATH. I hope many Catholics look into the ACL (Australian Christian Lobby) site. They are current with the proposals that are being considered by judiciary such as tele-health meetings to authorise the demise of people other than the terminally ill. Keep up to date so people of good will can puch back in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • Marjorie Edwards , Brisbane. 7 months

    This takeover smacks of Communism. It will create a precedent. It is an enormous slap in the face to Calvary Hospitals everywhere, to the ideology of the Catholic Church that upholds life. Life born of love. Archbishop Prowse expresses this so well.

    My mother was the now little remembered Ann Dalgarno, who dedicated her life to active roles in nursing and hospital care in the ACT. She was driven by her strong Catholic faith. She was an elected member over many years of both the Canberra Hospital Board and the Advisory Council, precursor to the Legislative Assembly. She represented the strong Christian ideals of mid century Australia.

    Have we lost these? on the altar of the paganism behind abortion and euthanasia.