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  • Peter Heffernan 2 years

    I’m sorry but I did see my mother, before her death from cancer, last century, endure pain or prolonged periods of stupor.
    Yes things have changed and all would prefer the modern methods of palliative care but the poor, as I am, afraid of a long and painful death and see euthanasia as an option not something being forced on them. That’s why so many people are for it.
    The government sees no benefit and no votes in giving more money to this problem as the dead don’t vote.

  • Anne Prendergast 2 years

    I am a long-standing member of the Liberal Party, but if we are going to be stuck with euthanasia, I won’t be campaigning for ACT Legislative Assembly at this coming election. I will however be giving my campaign time to Senator Zed Seselja at the Federal Election.

    I am strongly opposed to abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage and do not support any of these three issues and will be fighting these issues till the bitter end.