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Catechist Sunday

9 September 2018

Dear Parish Priest and Catechist Coordinator,

Below are some suggestions that you might like to use in our annual honouring of, promoting and praying for the work of our Archdiocesan scripture teachers. You may use as much or as little of this as you like, depending upon your circumstances.

As a little bit of background information for you, we have 220 catechists teaching approximately 2,200 Catholic children who attend state schools. When we take in all NSW Diocese, this number increases to 5000 catechists teaching 87,000 students.

This is a significant ministry of our Church, which is run by mainly female volunteers, going out to the margins of our society and being “Missionary Disciples?

Let us honour in any appropriate way these amazing Catechists

Deacon Matt Ransom

PS – more information can be downloaded at www.amazingcatechists.org.au


Since God wills the salvation of all, let us pray to him in these words: “Lord, draw all
people to yourself.”

God of all creation, we long for a world transformed by peace and bound together in love.
Fill us with hope, and remind us to turn to you with our needs and our prayers. For this we
pray: R/.

Strengthen and multiply those called to the Catechist ministry, and show us how to support
and encourage their work. For this we pray: R/.

Give us a sense of urgency and passion as we proclaim the holy Gospel. For this we pray: R/.

Lord God, bless our Priests who oversee this important mission of catechesis. Give them
wisdom and insight as they care for their Scripture teachers. For this we pray: R/.

Jesus, we continue to pray for new volunteers who will continue the ministry of CCD in our
Archdiocese. For this we pray: R/.

Remind us of the ways we can serve those in our midst who are overlooked, ignored, or
rejected. For this we pray: R/.

May your Holy Spirit guide our hearts and our lips, so that we may remain constant in our
love and praise for you. For this we pray: R/.

Prayer of Blessing for Our Catechists

With hands outstretched, the celebrant prays the blessing for the catechists.

With your Fatherly blessing, Lord, strengthen these servants of yours in their resolve to
dedicate themselves as catechists. Grant that they will strive to share with others what they
themselves derive from pondering your Word and studying the Church’s teaching. And let
them gladly join those they teach in honoring and serving your name. We ask this through
Christ our Lord. R/. Amen.


9 September 2018