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  • Anne Prendergast 4 years

    I strongly agree with Father Anthony Percy’s post titled 2050. I am extremely concerned that the unconventional families are even being accepted. I put in a lot of time campaigning for the No Vote in last year’s Referendum and was very disappointed when the Yes Vote won the day. I have since joined The Australian Family Association and hope to get involved with that.

    I have been criticized, even by other Catholics for my conservative views relating to the family and to the Church.

  • Mike Casidy 4 years

    A succinct statement of the challenge facing marriage and family in our society with a blueprint for how we may make a difference. I pray we have the grace and courage to withstand the ridicule from those ‘extreme political and social groups’ pushing a narrative ‘to take “natural institutions which have social ends and transform them into activist institutions with political ends”‘.

  • Lara Kirk 4 years

    As a mother of 5 teenagers and young adults I’m really encouraged by this forward looking vision of cultural renewal from within the hidden but fertile environment of family life. 
    Further to this vision we need to develop an understanding of how the evangelising mission of the Church too will be renewed from within families. Good teaching and preaching and pastoral care and sacramental ministry from our religious and clerics is essential to support families but the most potent and enduring missionary action will, I believe,  come from within families who understand their own baptismal calling and gifting. 

  • nessa 4 years

    As we consider the coming year I am hoping that parishes grow their family catechism programs, to enable families to respond to everyday stresses, with sound prayer responses and model joyful engagement with their faith living.

  • Narnara 4 years

    I am the mother of 5 and I am so glad they all have their own families some of them are grandparents themselves now.Family is important to us all. Even though 2 of our family are now American citizens.We all keep in close contact. They have dropped everything and come to for illness so I know what family means to them. We must speak out to help others hold family sacred.I do and have written to politicians but I am a voice in the wilderness. Nabara

  • Carmel Stuart 4 years

    Thank you Fr. Percy for “Family 2050” for putting into words my thoughts for some years. I was reared with the term “every country is only as strong as its family unit”. Having raised 6 children with this in mind and our faith in God, we enjoy the love and caring for us and each other. I know that the longing to own ones home means two salaries are necessary, and babies are placed in care at a very early age missing out on family bonding. I may add that after 20 years of marriage on a single income, only then we were able to own our own home.