Feel the need to escape?

Escaping from gaol is not an everyday event, yet the Apostles experienced a miraculous angel-led escape in their post-Resurrection adventures. Feeling imprisoned may be relevant as we all try to isolate ourselves due to the Coronavirus. The seriousness of this crisis can make us uptight and a bit stir-crazy. Where does your stress become apparent?

I know when I am under pressure the same old weaknesses come to the surface in me. These patterns are the things from which I really need freedom. God wants us to escape from the sinful patterns that imprison us. There is no containing the power of God in our lives if we believe in Jesus. When Jesus conquered death, he dealt with everything that can shut us in and trap us. There are no limits when we believe in Jesus. What is it we need to bring to Jesus today that keeps our lives small?

Lord, use this time of isolation to help us to live without limits by letting you be in charge. Set us free from anything that imprisons us and let us live for you.

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