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  • Kevin Totterdell 9 months

    I wish to congratulate and thank the Council for its hard work. , I do, however, have a comment.

    Having regard to the agenda of the Plenary Council, It would seem to me that the delegates taking part will have been required (where possible) to have studied or at least to have read carefully the documents of Vatican 11. Did that happen ?

    As is well known, many of the requirements and recommendations of Vatican 11 were ignored in the implementation thereof, for instance, the requirement/recommendation regarding the retention of our profound heritage in Church Music, especially that of the Gregorian chant, which the council declared to be the most appropriate setting for the celebration of the Mass.

    Was there any reference to that matter or to an other similar matters discussed or discerned at the Plenary Council ?
    I would really appreciate a reply.
    Hopefully, and with Best Wishes
    Kevin Totterdell

  • Geoff Wood 9 months

    Kevin, the Agnus Dei is still widely used by some Covid-period online Mass providers.

    My inadequate research suggests that Sydney’s St Mary’s Cathedral is unusual because
    it supplies well-labelled Mass and Evening Prayer live and online on many days, for those
    who can access YouTube. This a great blessing for those who are deaf & without `sign’.

    For wider access to Gregorian chant since Vatican II, we all must pray more. Geoff Wood